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Russian Distribution

LLC "Starline"

127549, Moscow, street Bibirevskaya 8/1

Tel.: +7 (499) 682-70-21

e-mail: info@riverus.com

Where can I purchase Rive brand water bottles?
We thought you’d never ask! Rive water bottles are available for purchase through our website and select retail partners.

Please visit our online store now. You can also find us online at amazon.com and csnstores.com

Can I purchase Rive water bottles if I live outside of the U.S.?
We can ship to virtually any address in the world! However, there are some restrictions on certain Rivé products that limit their ability to be shipped internationally at this time. We apologize for this inconveience. Are you concerned this may directly affect you? Please reach out to us directly here.

Where are Rivé water bottles made?
The bottles and sleeves are designed, engineered, and decorated right here in the USA. We also use American-made TPR plastic in our caps.

We also manufacture our bottle components at several factories in several countries:  The USA, China, The Czech Republic, and Mexico. Our manufacturing partners adhere to safe labor and fair wage policies. And our manufacturing partners are supervised by a U.S. team to ensure that all quality control standards are enforced and that FDA-approved materials are used.

Are Rive water bottles made from recycled glass?
Although we wished that we could, recycled glass can look cloudy at times, and no one wants to drink pure, fresh water out of a discolored or cloudy glass!

Can I recycle Rive water bottles?
Absolutely! Our bottles are made to be durable, but when you feel that your bottle has reached the end of its life, it can easily be recycled.

Can I recycle my Rive water bottle cap?
Yes! Our ABS plastic is recyclable.

Can I recycle my Rive water bottle sleeve?
Absolutely! Silicone is very durable, wears well and lasts for a very long time. But it can also be recycled.

How durable are Rive bottles?
We describe our bottles as stylish but sturdy. They are designed to withstand your daily usage demands—at the office, in the car, or wherever you go. In addition to employing a manufacturing process that strengthens the glass in our bottles as it cools, we’ve protected the glass with a patented cap at the top shoulder of the bottle and a silicone sleeve at the bottom of the bottle. Can Rive bottles survive a tumble from the rooftop of your car? Maybe — but not likely. However, we’re confident they can hold up to most day-to-day demands!

Are the sleeves on Rive bottles removable?
Think of our sleeves as a fashion accessory. And like any accessory, they can be removed.  Some Rive users remove the sleeve from their bottle for additional cleaning or to add flair to their bottle by customizing it with another sleeve. We recommend that you remove the sleeve after cleaning your bottle to allow it and the bottle to dry. Don’t worry if, when you put the sleeve back on your bottle, you find that it’s a snug fit. Our sleeves were made to stretch.

How do I clean the bottle and parts?
With care. The bottles and their parts are top-rack dishwasher-safe. To extend the life of your bottle, we highly recommend that you hand-wash. Both the cap and sleeve of your bottle are suitable for the dishwasher, and for optimum cleaning, these can be removed and washed separately.

How do I dry the cap?
Because our cap features a patented duel-system, we recommend turning the mouth of the cap to the open position and gently shaking to remove any excess water.

What are Rivé water bottles made from?
Our bottles are 100% BPA free, made from 100% pure soda lime ash glass – no contaminants. Glass does not leach, or impart any taste to its contents. In fact, glass is the only packaging material recognized as safe by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

Our bottles’ plastic lids contain no BPA, phthalates or PVC. They are made of food-grade ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic, which is non-toxic and does not leach. Whatever your beverage choice, our lids are safe to use.

The soft-touch sleeves on Rivé bottles are made of food-grade silicone, which is completely non-toxic and FDA-approved. Silicone is an inert material, so it doesn’t react with beverages or produce any hazardous fumes.

And we use non-lead and organic enamels in our bottle art.

How does Rivé’s cap work?
We made our cap intuitive by design. Turning clockwise, securely screw down the neck of the bottle. The turn the drink cap counter clockwise 180˚ to open/ close. Unscrew the neck of the bottle to remove completely.

Will Rivé water bottles leak?
We’ve put a lot of work into ensuring that they don’t.  When closed, the cap will not leak. A few residual drops from drinking may sit on top of the cap, but this is normal. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend aggressively shaking or holding your Rivé bottle upside down for extend periods of time.

Also, on a hot day, you may notice that your Rivé bottle will tend to, um, perspire. This is due to the fact that all air has tiny droplets of water vapor in it, and as the air near the glass cools, the water changes from its vapor gas state to a liquid form, which you see as water drops clinging to the glass. That process is called “condensation,” and it’s perfectly natural. But, you may want to use a coaster just in case.

Will ice cubes fit into Rivé water bottles?
You bet! We designed wide mouth access to accommodate most ice cubes.

Can I put acidic beverages/alcohol in my Rivé water bottle?
Be our guest! Glass is non-contaminating and does not break down when in contact with acidic content. So feel free to use it for the beverage of your choice.

Can I microwave my Rivé water bottle?
Afraid not. The Rivé logo on our bottles is metallic, making it unsafe in the microwave.

Can I freeze my water Rivé bottle?
No. We do not recommend it since our bottles are made from non-tempered glass.

Can I put hot liquids in my Rivé water bottles?
Afraid not. We don’t recommend putting hot liquids in your bottle as our bottles are made from non-tempered glass.

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