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Free Shipping on All Order Over $30!


Are you the fashionista setting trends for all your friends and co-workers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year? Do you know the importance of hydration and how it can help beautify you from the inside and out?


Now you can get all of your favorite Rivé designs shipped for free when you purchase $30 or more! So get ready to take center stage and show off your style at work, the gym, or on the go - all while knowing your helping to sustain our environment with eco-friendly reusable glass water bottles!  


Get FREE shipping when you purchase any combination of $30 or more of Rivé’s products. And you'll still get our unsurpassed customer service, super quick order fulfillment, and unbeatable quality.


Check out some of the great glass water bottle combinations you can purchase to earn your free shipping:

  • Go bold with 2 different fashion-forward, limited edition Savoy Designer Series glass water bottles
  • Mix and match 3 colors from our ultra chic Elán collection (almost one for every day of the week!)
  • Like the sophistication of a simple design? Get 1 reusable glass water bottle from our Lynx Series + 1 Elán
  • Want to show off a little something from each of our eco-chic glass water bottle collections? Order 1 Savoy Designer Series bottles + 1 Elán bottles + 1 Lynx bottle


What will be your perfect combination of Rivé?


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