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Orion Charcoal Gray Twist Silver Thatch Glass Water Bottle

Silicone Wrap

We wrapped our Orion glass water bottles in vibrant, attention-grabbing colors not only to make you stand out, but also for added safety and comfort. Each silicone wrap and handy carrying loop adds strength and additional traction for happy holding. Grip. Sip. Smile. Still 100% BPA free and always eco-friendly!

Clear Glass

The simplicity of pure, clear glass compliments our bottles’ many design features. It also gives you peace of mind that whatever you put into your New Products – Rivé bottle is exactly what comes out of it. Purity of taste and no contaminants.

Silver Thatch

Rivé’s Silver Thatch Glass offers the same purity as our clear glass option, but with an extra touch of visual and textural interest. The silver cross-thatch pattern etched into the glass will delight the senses and keep your beverage taste pure and healthy!

Orion Charcoal Gray Twist Silver Thatch

Smart, innovative engineering and design for style-conscious sippers.


Beautiful, bold. Indulge in the rich hue of our Hyper Elán glass water bottle.


Fresh and bright, our sophisticated Lime Elán glass water bottle is a slice of citrusy style.


Vividly vibrant, express your style with our energized Vibe Elán glass water bottle.


Do you crave calm? Let our Reflection Elán glass water bottle soothe your senses and refresh your spirit.


Sleek and sophisticated, make a statement with our Jet Elán glass water bottle.

Raspberry Sorbet

Flirty, girly, and downright delicious. Our Raspberry Sorbet Elán glass water bottle is a little sweet and a lot sassy.

Bamboo Forest

Zen-inspired, designer approved. With fine illustrative detail, our Bamboo Forest glass water bottle layers bamboo leaves and fresh green accents for a design that is pure serenity.

Dandelion Seeds

Few things in life are as fun as delicately blowing dandelion seeds into the air and watching them drift along the breeze. The young at heart will simply delight in our light-hearted Dandelion Seeds bottle.


Sweet and delicate in its detail, our Birdie Bottle’s little yellow birds in a natural setting of sweeping tree branches will make you smile with every sip.


Old world textile decoration meets high fashion in our tribal-inspired Ikat print.


Go wild with the ultimate feminine print - leopard. Our exclusive gold metallic print takes this glass water bottle from everyday to ultra-glam.


Bold feather graphics and rich jewel tone hues meet whimsy in this exciting modern peacock design.


Fashion’s favorite fabric makes its way onto our pretty Pink Plaid bottle. And with pure perfection, we might add!


The world famous glassmaking of the Czech Republic is reflected in our playful Modern Prague bottle. Sip a refreshing drink while thinking of this enchanting city and its rich culture and inspiring style.

Botanical Bliss

This bottle hydrates at first sight. With feathery ferns, bold plum tones and cool, smooth glass, our Botanical Bliss bottle is the next best thing to dipping your toes into a mountain stream.


Black tie meets rocker. Our Zebra design features luxe silver stripes and black distressing for the ultimate fashion statement. Ready to show off your style?

Organic Rings

Twist and Turn - Connect and Loop - Swirl and Curl
Let the free flowing design of our Organic Rings bottle help set the tone for your day!

Fair Isle

Close your eyes and let the cozy warmth of our Fair Isle bottle take you away to your favorite winter memory.

Ruffle My Feathers

You’ll feel as light as a feather when drinking from this beautiful bottle. Its purple plumes are fabulously fun.

Take Flight

Hasn’t everyone imagined what it would be like to fly? The beautiful imagery etched into this bottle is guaranteed to spark your imagination and lift you up.

Hello Yellow

Even just a hint of yellow can grab your attention. The subtle use of this happy hue in our fanciful floral scene will brighten your day.


The bright, festive wheels of color on this bottle radiate warmth – no matter how cool your beverage!


With the features of the recognizable Ginkgo tree, which has been known to live for over 2,000 years, this bottle will encase your beverage with longevity, resilience, and peace.


Dark, daring and dazzling. Our Dazzle bottle will definitely to get you noticed.


Bright and bubbly. Our Bounce bottle is just the accessory to show off your style.


Simply captivating. Our Captivate bottle exudes confidence (and style!).


This bottle creates intrigue. Soft yet stormy with a 50 percent chance of whimsy.


Tall, dark and daring. Enough said.


This bottle’s silicone sleeve has a vibrant blue hue that makes it fine, sublime and simply divine.


This super sweet coral wrap will make you smile every time you sip.


Dressed in a flirty and fun pink wrap, this bottle makes you want to kick up your heels.


The twist of jade that embraces this bottle is très chic. Take this little gem to the office and your colleagues will be green with envy.


Mint green is making its rounds on the runway. Make a statement by accessorizing with our fashion-forward bottle wrapped in this light and lively hue.

Product Specifications

BPA Free Non Lead
  • 16oz Cylinder
  • H: 10.5"
  • W: 1.3 lbs/22oz
  • Base: 2.75"

All materials are FDA-approved. Made from 100% pure glass – no contaminants. Glass does not leach, or impart any taste to its contents.Our bottle designs use safe, non-lead materials, fused into the glass.Lids are made of food-grade ABS plastic and contain no BPA, phthalates or PVC.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy open/close 180 degree, leak resistant cap with  protective collar
  • Wide-mouth lid allows easy filling
  • Fits in most cup holders

Care & Use

  • Wash before using.
  • Dishwasher-safe (top rack),  hand wash recommended.
  • Do not microwave. Not intended for use with hot liquids.
  • All components are dishwasher safe. Cap and sleeve may be washed separately for optimal cleaning.

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