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25 Crazy Dayz of Giveawayz Sponsor Spotlight: Rive Glass Water Bottles Review


Posted by Ashley R at 9:57 PM 


Eco-friendly meets fashionable and fun with Rive glass water bottles. Glass as a drinking vessel is quickly becoming not only a trend, but also known as the safest material to drink from. I know I certainly prefer to drink out of glass as much as I can. No leaching chemicals, no strange flavors, and completely reusable. Using glass no longer means you have sacrifice style and limit your options either. Rive has lots of stylish options for you!


This is Rive's Botanical Bliss design from their Savoy Designer Series. It's definitely my favorite one! This tall, skinny and sleek bottle is pretty lightweight for being glass. It holds 16 ounces, is made from 100% pure glass, and is also BPA free. The design on the bottle gives it a frosted look that is really neat! All designs are made from organic enamels and are also 100% lead free which is really important too. The wide-mouth lid allows for even large ice cubes to easily work with this bottle. Although the lid is plastic, it is food-grade ABS plastic, and has no BPA, phthalates or PVC. It is also only in contact with the water when you tip the bottle to take a drink so it's still better than the whole thing being plastic. I found that this bottle really seemed to keep water cold for longer than in plastic or other glass, and I actually didn't notice a lot of condensation either.

One of the features I like on this bottle is actually the shape of the lid. Sometimes when you go to drink from a small opening on other bottles it creates an undesirable suction that makes it hard to actually drink. With the heightened lip on the Rive bottle lid, the water comes out of the bottle and runs into your mouth without any seal at all. It's a deep lip. I was worried how well this would work, but it works very well. It's almost like drinking off of a normal cup.


The gray part of the lid is what screws onto the bottle. You get a nice leak-proof seal from the silicone (I think that's what it is inside there!). You can turn the purple part of the lid 180 degrees to open and close the mouth opening to drink. While I found this to work like it should, it took a little practice! Sometimes I would end up unscrewing the lid (unknowingly) instead of just opening the lid. The lid still stayed on when I did this the first time, but it leaked like crazy since I had unscrewed it ever so slightly. So, just be sure you aren't actually taking off the lid when you go to take a drink! Also, the nice part about being able to open and close the lid like this is that you can adjust how open you want it to be. Want just a sip? Then just open it half way or less!


If you're worried about putting down this glass water bottle too hard, don't worry! The base has a removable silicone piece that cushions the impact and won't harm the glass. It slips on and off with ease when you intentionally want it to, but will stay on snugly without falling off while in use. I like that this little part is removable so you can clean the bottle fully when necessary. Which brings me to the fact that the bottle is dishwasher safe (top rack) although hand washing is recommended.


I also received the Birdie design from the Savoy collection. It's so pretty too! My sister-in-law was in need of a new glass water bottle, so she was the lucky recipient of this bottle. She'll be one stylish new mom very soon! There are many beautiful designs in the Savoy Designer Series, but if you aren't interested in any designs you can order a plain bottle from the Elan or Lynx collections.

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Price: All Savoy collection bottles are regularly $25 each, but are only $20 each through January 1st! Also, choose any 2 bottles from the Savoy and Elan collections, and receive free shipping from RiveUSA.com!

The Verdict: I really, really like the fashion-forward designs and style of these glass bottles. I'm horrible at drinking enough water so I need something exciting like this to make it more fun! Rive really focuses on their smart design, and making the consumption of water a safe, fashionable luxury for all to enjoy. As Rive suggests, their bottles really are hydration made elegant.

Buy It: Check out RiveUSA.com or find a retailer near you!


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