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Smart Design

Beauty and brains. 

They’re what you should expect from your water bottle. Our smart, innovative engineering and design ensure that style-conscious sippers get the added benefits of safety, comfort and durability in their Rive water bottles. Because, as stylish as they are, our bottles aren’t designed for curio cabinets. They’re designed for you.



Be part of the creative inspiration that leads to the next Rive water bottle. Share your ideas about design, art, fashion and function and we’ll do our best to incorporate them into our next work of art. And who knows, you may see your own design on the shelf!



The Rivé Cap

Our patented Rivé drink cap is a uniquely designed, two cap system that is unlike any other bottle on the market. When designing our cap, our goal was to create a functional solution that addresses the common problems you find with most other bottles. The Rivé system offers an asymmetrical design that gives the bottle a modern look without sacrificing comfort. And unlike threaded caps, our bottle has a top piece that functions independently from the bottom, so you only need to tighten the cap when you refill it -- not every time you take a drink. Simply tighten the cap when you fill, then twist the top piece 180° counter-clockwise to open and close.

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