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Stories from the YRP Community: Meet Jillian Craig, Founder and President of Rivé

This season we are so excited to provide you with a series of interviews with the amazing people that make up the Yoga Rocks The Park Community. I will be interviewing teachers, musicians, event directors, and the innovative leaders of the conscious organizations that support Yoga Rocks The Park to bring this beloved event to communities across the U.S.



I am thrilled to start this series with an interview with Jillian Craig, Founder and President of Rivé, bringing us eco-conscious consumers safe, sustainable, and stylish water bottles.

By the way, who says your water bottle can’t be fashionable? I just got my new Rivé bottle and it’s beautiful! Thank you Jillian for taking the time to talk to Yoga Rocks The Park and for all of Rivé’s support as a National and Local Partner! Oh, and for helping Yoga Rocks The Park go even “greener” in cities across the U.S.
-Traci Wallace, Yoga Rocks The Park National Partnership & Community Relations

Traci: Okay, let’s get this out of the way, how do you pronounce “Rivé”?
Jillian: [laughs] We get this a lot – it’s pronounced “ruh-vay.” The brand name Rivé is actually derived from the French word “river,” a bit of a tribute to our commitment to designing sophisticated, glass water bottles that are in harmony with the environment.

Traci: What motivated you to start this company?
Jillian: Sustainability and personal wellness definitely inspired me to develop the Rivé concept. But I also recognized an opportunity to reinvent the water bottle market through thoughtful design. I wanted to produce water bottles that were not only safe, but that were also stylish. We saw an opportunity to support the eco-friendly trend, but we wanted to do it in a much more fashionable way, and we thought glass would be a great alternative to the plastics and canteen-styles that are out there.

Traci: What would you say is the best thing about your bottles?
Jillian: Do I have to pick just one?! Well, first and foremost, health is extremely important to us, and we use only the safest, highest quality materials – pure glass and food grade, FDA-approved silicone and plastic. Our bottles are non-toxic, BPA-free, without phthalates, and no PVC. And we use only non-lead and organic enamels in our designs. We unequivocally promise safety and quality in our products.

Traci: I just love all the designs and colors. How do you come up with new designs?
Jillian: Well, we’re very much a design-driven company, and we want our customers to feel like they can personalize their bottle with different patterns, colors, shapes, and sleeves. When it comes to product development, we’re pretty adventurous. We’re constantly playing with new ideas, materials, and designs; and we want to give people who love our brand the opportunity to help us create the next great Rivé product innovation so we’re always listening to find out what the next trend is going to be.

Traci: If you had to sum up it up in a single word, what would you say the Rivé brand is all about?
Jillian: I’d say the Rivé brand is all about lifestyle. We want people to embrace our bottles as a form of personal expression. We love making everyday objects more luxurious and inspiring, and we want people to feel great carrying our bottles. We believe you shouldn’t have to lug around an ugly water bottle just to stay hydrated!

Traci: Tell us a little about the various styles of bottles you offer.
Jillian: We have three main collections – the Savoy Designer Series, the Elán, and the Lynx. The Savoy is our most popular line. It’s a tall cylinder style that comes in more than ten different designs – everything from pretty purple florals to a sassy leopard print. Our Elán is an hour-glass shaped bottle with a frosted glass look that is very sleek and sophisticated. And we just introduced a new ElánPlus line that features a super fun python print and matching sleeve.

Traci: Can you tell us a little about what you’re planning for the future?
Jillian: Sure! Because our bottles are so fashion-forward, we are always working on new designs that reflect the next season’s trends. We have all new limited edition designs coming out for the 16oz Savoy Designer Series, starting the end of June. We’ll also be introducing some new products and accessories that will compliment our current collections.

Traci: That sounds really exciting! Can you give us a bit of an insider scoop on what some of these new products will look like?
Jillian: Of course, so we are extremely excited as we are preparing to launch all kinds of new glass products that will retain the same sleek form, function, and design of the Rivé brand. We’re coming out with bigger bottles, carafes, and a tea line that will all hit the market this year. I absolutely love tea, so we’ve been working hard on creating “The Durance” tea collection that will include double-walled tea mugs, to-go beverage tumblers, double-walled tapered glasses, and even on-the-go tea bottles. I’m thrilled to be launching this line in early fall. Some of the other new product designs we’re working on include a 23oz “Twist Wrap” bottle, a 23oz Savoy Designer series with some very unique limited edition designs, a 23oz Lynx in colored glass, and “The Orion Diecut Silicone” series – all launching next month!

Traci: What is the average price of your bottles?
Jillian: Our prices range from $12.99 to $20.00 per bottle. The new Twist Wrap that I mentioned will be coming out in 6 colors at a retail price of $12.99 – which is a really great price for the size and style!

Traci: Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
Jillian: We are really taking things to the next level at Rivé. We’re adding a handy carrying loop for all our bottles that will come with several designs that can be purchased separately, and we’re making metallic silicone wraps and metallic caps to add a touch more luxe to the bottles. The Orion series is really exciting and fun because it features a printed bottle with a coordinating silicone wrap with cutout areas that lets the art shine through. It’s a really integrated concept that’s unlike anything out there. There’s always something fresh and innovative that we’re working on bringing to the sustainable glass market.

Watch this video on how Yoga Rocks The Park Omaha and other cities throughout the U.S. are counting on Rivé to GO GREEN in their communities!
Watch now featuring Lora Haase’s (YRP Omaha’s Event Director & featured teacher).


Rivé is a design-driven manufacturer whose focus is providing eco-conscious consumers safe, sustainable, and stylish hydration solutions. Founded in 2008, Rivé recognized the need for a safe and sustainable water bottle that looked elegant—unlike many competitors’ unwieldy and primitive bottles. Through innovative engineering and design, the company offers fashionable bottles that blend the safety and purity of glass with functional form. Rivé’s unique bottle decoration makes each piece truly a work of art. Learn more about Rivé by visiting www.riveusa.com.

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